Visiting West Cliff – Santa Cruz

I eventually made it to Santa Cruz with my cute little rental car. You guys, this car had a rearview camera and USB ports and a touchscreen. This is. The future.

Of course, I immediately started crawling around Brittany and Adam’s lovely front yard looking for good photo ops. And I took an accidental selfie trying to get the fisheye lens working. But my hair looks good, so it stays.

Later that evening, once I was reunited with my old roommates Samia & Russell, we all drove down to West Cliff, which is famous in Santa Cruz for its stunning views. I did not disagree.

Oh gosh, the beach. I can see why coastal living is so popular (and also so expensive… sadface). It was so gorgeous and incredibly relaxing. I’ve lived in the midwest my entire life and so the ocean is very exciting to me. I could go there every day.

We went at the perfect time of day because the sun was just starting to set. Samia and I took Greta down to the dog beach and let her run around a bit, before almost letting a wave suck her in. But she was okay after Samia ran into the ocean to retrieve her. Ocean: 1, Greta: 0.

I also saw the world’s tallest palm tree next to a cute little house. Okay, maybe not the world’s tallest (although maybe?) but it was the tallest I’ve ever seen.

I went back to West Cliff on my last night in Santa Cruz and took more of the same photos. But it’s just so pretty, I couldn’t NOT take out my camera.

The waves reminded me of The Last Unicorn:

Anyway, back to the first night. After West Cliff, we all went back to the house to hang out and relax while waiting for the rest of the crew to show up. It was a really fun night full of Thai food, guitar karaoke, fire pits, smores, and gnome riddles. I really miss being around these people daily. </3

Every now and then, when I’m feeling really content and/or nostalgic, I’ll look around me and try to take mental snapshots of certain moments that I know I’ll never want to forget. Those moments when you realize that even though your car broke down and all your friends have moved away and you still haven’t found a new job… that you’re still pretty damn lucky to be where you are and to have met the people you’ve met. I can easily look back at so many moments in my life and remember where I was, who I was with, where everyone was sitting, what we were talking about, what song was playing, and what I was feeling.

This was one of those nights.

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