Monterey & Carmel

On Wednesday, Brittany and I decided to spend the day in Monterey, which is only an hour south of Santa Cruz. A few Moveline friends moved there last month so it was a great excuse to go check it out (and have a local show us around). We grabbed some Starbucks (of course) and were on our way.

After getting the tour of Richard & Susan’s apartment, we went and had lunch downtown at a cute little cafe that overlooked the water. This cafe was everything I want my future backyard to be: a cute trellis with a vine overhang, twinkle lights, plants everywhere, and comfy textiles. One day… The food was good too, but I was too concerned with the interior, lolol.

After lunch, Susan took us to the famous Cannery Row, which is a tourist hotspot in Monterey. It has a few little nuggets of history, the aquarium, and lots of shopping. We walked through it – mostly so I could take some good photos – but didn’t stay long. If I ever go back, I’d definitely like to spend the day at the aquarium and spend a little more time looking through the stores. I hear that Monterey is famous for its fudge.

I had initially wanted to do the 17-mile drive, but because of some AT&T golf tournament happening the next day, the road was closed to tourists. Curse you, Tiger Woods. >.< Instead, we went to Carmel Beach which was okay, I guess. Just kidding, it was gorgeous and worth skipping the 17-mile drive.

Gah, there were so many cute and tiny cottages near Carmel. I spent just as much time admiring the homes as I did the beach. Of course, I immediately hopped on Zillow to see what they were worth. I was bummed to find out that I missed seeing the Hansel & Gretel house, though:

Ugh, I missed so many things this trip. I guess that just means I’ll need to visit again.

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