Here are some questions that I’ve been asked fairly frequently by friends, family, and visitors to this blog:

Do you have a job?

Yes I do. I work full-time for a company called Wedgies (yes, that’s the real name!) as a software engineer and designer. I am very fortunate to have a career – and work for a company – that allows me to work remotely… meaning, anywhere in the world with a wifi connection. Most days I like to find a coffee shop and work with a delicious latte, but some days I also work from my AirBnb or hotel room. Working in such drastically different timezones will present their own challenges, such as… having to wake up at 3am for a meeting!

What are you doing about your house back home?

In the short-term, nothing. I will be continuing to pay my monthly bills alongside my travel expenses. This isn’t ideal, however, it’s fine until I can decide whether this long-term travel thing is for me.

If it is, then I will probably furnish my empty bedrooms and rent out my home on AirBnb while I’m traveling.

What about Teddy?

Teddy is in great hands while I am away. <3

What travel-planning websites do you use?

I use AirBnb exclusively for finding lodging as it’s generally much cheaper than a hotel and I have a much better chance at finding a place in my desired neighborhoods.

For finding flights, any of the major travel sites will do: Expedia/Priceline/Kayak/Hipmunk

I use Pinterest to create boards for each city and to search for all the fun and interesting things to do/places to visit/foods to try. You’ll generally find lots of “Top 10″ lists which I like, because I’m always afraid of missing out on something big while I’m in a certain city. However, it’s also useful for finding those off-the-beaten-path items.

Yelp is great for finding good restaurants and coffee shops, which is important for me since I work out of coffee shops during the day.

What travel apps do you use?

Yelp, Google Maps, Google Translate, CityMaps2Go

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